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Worlds.Cool is a unique newsletter that goes out once or twice every month.
It has several editions such as Worlds Cool Puppies, Worlds Cool Kitties, Worlds Cool Cars, Worlds Cool Boats, Worlds Cool Real Estate, Worlds Cool Jobs, Worlds Cool Business, etc.

In the newsletter subscribers can find job offers and marketplace ads regarding the Newsletter category from members in their area. For example if someone wants to buy a puppie and he or she lives in Dallas, they will be able to see just puppies that are for sale in Dallas, and also puppies from other areas. Same goes with job listings and other types of ads.


Subscribers receive tailored offers from their area, enhancing the relevance and appeal of each listing.

Ads and offers are personalized for each subscriber, ensuring they receive the most relevant information.

Ads are presented as cool GIF slideshows, providing a quick, captivating overview of each offer in just 4 seconds.

The newsletter transforms classified ads into an engaging, interactive email format, making it easier and more enjoyable to browse offers.

Encourages the listing of unique and special items not found in general stores, ensuring subscribers access to high-quality offers.

Members can easily create ads using just 5 images and a brief description, with the ability to submit ads 24/7 via a Chat Bot.

Special sections for businesses to advertise their services, with various paid packages for enhanced visibility.

The newsletter’s mission to connect people and provide job opportunities reflects a commitment to building a supportive community.

Ads can be filtered on the website for more in-depth exploration, offering flexibility and accessibility to users.


Our mission is to connect passionate individuals. We believe that people with shared interests are three times happier and more loyal when they collaborate in business.
Thus, our newsletter's main goal is to unite people with similar ideas and passions, regardless of their location—though proximity enhances the experience.


Tell our members what you do and where you are located.



Join us and become part of a thriving community dedicated to bringing passionate people together, making our network a pivotal space for collaboration and shared success.